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Teeth Whitening: Things To Know For Getting A Delightful Smile

teeth whitening

Flossing and brushing your teeth regularly is a good habit and the best everyday ways to maintain healthy and white teeth. However, if you are feeling your teeth are lacking in proper whiteness or are becoming yellow day by day then you really need to see a dentist.

Thinking of teeth whitening? It is cosmetic dentistry that helps in removing all the stains and tooth discoloration. But you need to follow some guidelines to achieve a brighter smile and consider the crucial factors that are responsible for the yellowing of teeth. So, let’s get started with the ways by which you can get a delightful smile.

1. Avoid Drinks & Junk Food

The most common staining culprits are red wine, cold drinks, and coffee. Now you might be wondering how? All these drinks consist of intense color pigments known as chromogens that tend to get attached to the upper part of teeth called enamel. Further, eating junk food also damages the teeth internally and more if brushing and flossing is not a part of your daily oral hygiene. So, invest in eating healthy veggies and fruits instead of junk.

2. Tobacco Is Harmful

Tar and nicotine are two chemicals found in tobacco which creates obstinate staining of teeth. Where Tar is dark in color, the nicotine is almost colorless but tends to stain the teeth when it comes in contact with oxygen. So, tobacco is not only harmful to health but can also disturb your oral health making the teeth yellowish.

3. Medications

Sometimes medications related to problems like antipsychotics, high blood pressure leads to teeth darkening. Treatments like neck radiation, chemotherapy are also liable for teeth staining. So, if you are under any kind of medication treatment then make sure you take care of your teeth properly.

At Lifestyle Dental, our experienced team strives to create healthy and elegant smiles for the distinct patients. We also offer general and cosmetic dentistry services to help you restore a healthy smile. So, if in need of renewing your bright teeth then visit us. We will aim to give you the smile you desire and deserve. All the Best!



Dr. Nadim Majid qualified from Liverpool Dental school in 2001 and since then has worked in Lancashire for a number of years. He decided to undertake a career in dentistry as he found it was a good mix of science and art and also gave him the ability to help people and make a difference for them.

This really hit home when he worked in a nursing home for a short time and actually saw the impact upon the health and well being of patients whom had lost their teeth the impact was significant on the general health and well being and this is something Dr. Majid wanted to make sure he helped others avoid.

Dr. Majid is trained in hypnosis, sedation for nervous people, dental implants as well as braces. He lives in Lancashire with his two children (twins) and his wife who is a teacher. Dr. Majid has always and will continue to be focused on producing top quality services that his patients have come to expect and appreciate.