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Learn More About Procedures Adopted By Sedation Dentist in Preston

There are so many people out there who start to feel anxious when they come to know about any kind of dental surgeries which they have to undergo. To overcome any complications working with such people, the dentist goes for a different approach which is called sedation dentistry. So, when you approach a sedation dentist in Preston, there are chances that you would go for a treatment with sleep dentistry which sometimes could also involve actual sleep. The sedation is adopted to make a patient calm and avoid any frightening experience one has to face during dental surgeries. The sedation procedures adopted for dental treatment are very helpful in making the entire process of treatment easy. So, here we bring you some more detail about the sedation dentistry which can help you find the perfect option for you if you feel anxious about the dental treatment or surgeries.

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The first form of treatment which you would possibly encounter is the nitrous oxide which is popularly known as laughing gas. However, the process involving laughing gas keeps you conscious about your surrounding but your dentist would ensure a continuous dose given to you because it is gas which quickly wears off when you breathe. The sedation process with laughing gas allows you to go home by driving on your own. There are some patients who easily go for treatment with just a dose of laughing gas while some may need extra laughing gas along with oral sedation to ensure a smooth surgery and is good for people who got nervous with minor treatments like Braces in Lancaster.

Oral sedation is the second form of procedures adopted by the dentists for easy proceeding with dental treatment which needs you to take a prescription according to your case. It can be a single dose before an hour of treatment or otherwise, you have to start with a dose night before the treatment. Sometimes the oral sedation may also leave you feeling sleepy but the effect of medicine usually goes after 24 hours. Make sure if you need such kind of sedation treatment, you have someone to drive you to a dentist and then back home.

IV Sedation is the strongest form of sedation treatment which can leave you feeling sleepy so that you are not conscious enough to remember the treatment process. Though it is not a complete stage of sleep and if dentists need you to be awake, it can be done easily. The higher stage of sedation treatment ends with the general anesthesia which will leave you completely unconscious. This type of procedure is only adopted under the presence of experts who will keep a check on your vital moves and your body’s responses to the dose.

So, when you will visit any dentist, they can easily help you come over the anxiety using the sedation techniques like laughing gas, oral sedation and, IV Sedation. However, the general anesthesia is only used in hospitals or specialized clinic depending upon how sensitive you are to the treatment and surgery process. So, next time if you feel worried about the treatment have a word with your dentist to find the best sedation process that works for you.



Dr. Nadim Majid qualified from Liverpool Dental school in 2001 and since then has worked in Lancashire for a number of years. He decided to undertake a career in dentistry as he found it was a good mix of science and art and also gave him the ability to help people and make a difference for them.

This really hit home when he worked in a nursing home for a short time and actually saw the impact upon the health and well being of patients whom had lost their teeth the impact was significant on the general health and well being and this is something Dr. Majid wanted to make sure he helped others avoid.

Dr. Majid is trained in hypnosis, sedation for nervous people, dental implants as well as braces. He lives in Lancashire with his two children (twins) and his wife who is a teacher. Dr. Majid has always and will continue to be focused on producing top quality services that his patients have come to expect and appreciate.