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Baby Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction

Why not pull a baby tooth instead of getting a “baby root canal”? This is a common question from parent’s who have children with a baby tooth needing a pulpotomy, commonly called a “baby root canal.” Parents wonder why, if the tooth is not permanent and will come out anyway, why do a root canal when the tooth can simply be extracted.
This is a great question!
In children, damage to the tooth’s pulp can be caused by traumatic injury or tooth decay. Sometimes, even, cavities can form behind fillings causing deep decay in your child’s teeth.
A pediatric “baby root canal”, or pulpotomy, is a common recommended treatment for children with pulp damage rather than extraction of the affected tooth. Extraction can cause other problems that impact the development of the adjacent teeth and can cause complications when the permanent tooth is ready to grow in.
Common symptoms of damaged pulp include:

  •   Tooth pain
  •   Temperature sensitivity when eating
  •   Swelling and redness
  •   Unexpected loose tooth
  •   Cracked, separated, or otherwise damaged filling

It is best for your child’s oral health and permanent tooth development to save and keep intact baby teeth.
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Dr. Nadim Majid qualified from Liverpool Dental school in 2001 and since then has worked in Lancashire for a number of years. He decided to undertake a career in dentistry as he found it was a good mix of science and art and also gave him the ability to help people and make a difference for them.

This really hit home when he worked in a nursing home for a short time and actually saw the impact upon the health and well being of patients whom had lost their teeth the impact was significant on the general health and well being and this is something Dr. Majid wanted to make sure he helped others avoid.

Dr. Majid is trained in hypnosis, sedation for nervous people, dental implants as well as braces. He lives in Lancashire with his two children (twins) and his wife who is a teacher. Dr. Majid has always and will continue to be focused on producing top quality services that his patients have come to expect and appreciate.