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How to achieve a perfect smile in just six months

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished for a straighter smile? Maybe you have a few gaps in your teeth you’re not happy with? You’re not alone. Many people long for orthodontic improvements but are put off by the thought of traditional braces and lengthy treatments. 

Fortunately, Lifestyle Dental offers an innovative solution that can transform your smile in just six months! Read on to find out more.

Six months smile at Lifestyle Dental

At Lifestyle Dental, we understand that time is precious. That’s why we’re proud to offer these clear and discreet braces, a groundbreaking approach to teeth straightening that significantly reduces treatment time.

Unlike traditional braces that can take two years or more to achieve results, our fast orthodontics solutions can deliver your perfect smile in as little as six months!

They are safe, comfortable, and provide quick results. Most patients finish around 6 months, but treatment times may range from 4 – 9 months.

Get your perfect smile in six months

Using proven techniques and materials, the braces have been specifically designed for adults with crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth.
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Customised treatment for your unique smile

Every smile is unique, and so is every treatment plan at Lifestyle Dental. Our experienced orthodontists use state-of-the-art technology to create customised treatment plans that align with your individual needs and aesthetic goals.

Whether you’re dealing with crowded teeth, gaps, or misalignment, our six months smile treatment is designed to tackle these issues efficiently and effectively.

“I went to my consultation with an idea of what I wanted, and what I finished with was far better than I hoped. To say that I’m a perfectionist is an understatement, but Nadim and the team worked with me to make sure I was completely happy throughout.” – Mollie

The benefits of choosing our six months smile treatment

  • Speed: Achieve your dream smile in a fraction of the time compared to traditional braces.
  • Discretion: Our solutions are designed to be less noticeable, giving you the confidence to smile even during treatment.
  • Comfort: Modern technology and materials make the experience more comfortable than traditional orthodontics.
  • Convenience: Fewer visits to the dentist mean less disruption to your busy lifestyle.
  • Results: Enjoy a beautiful, straight smile that boosts your confidence and oral health.

Your journey to a perfect smile begins here

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Don’t let the cost of treatment prevent you from getting the smile you’ve always wanted. Our low interest finance makes it easier for you by spreading the cost.

You will need to complete a simple, online credit application, which one of our staff can help you with. The information is then transmitted to the lender immediately and a reply is usually received by return. You can then either sign a credit agreement that we print for you, or have it emailed for you to complete at home. If you need any advice – don’t hesitate to ask!

Take the first step today

Don’t let another day go by wishing for a better smile. Contact Lifestyle Dental to schedule a consultation and discover how our fast orthodontic solutions can transform your smile in just six months. Visit our site for more information and to get in touch, fill out our quick and easy form. Your dream smile is closer than you think!

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Dr. Nadim Majid qualified from Liverpool Dental school in 2001 and since then has worked in Lancashire for a number of years. He decided to undertake a career in dentistry as he found it was a good mix of science and art and also gave him the ability to help people and make a difference for them.

This really hit home when he worked in a nursing home for a short time and actually saw the impact upon the health and well being of patients whom had lost their teeth the impact was significant on the general health and well being and this is something Dr. Majid wanted to make sure he helped others avoid.

Dr. Majid is trained in hypnosis, sedation for nervous people, dental implants as well as braces. He lives in Lancashire with his two children (twins) and his wife who is a teacher. Dr. Majid has always and will continue to be focused on producing top quality services that his patients have come to expect and appreciate.